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Blacksmith’s Day (16 Jun)

Enjoy this day-long social gathering at local blacksmith Will Maguire’s workshop at Branxton. The local community and general public are invited to bring along worn or damaged (metal) items of some intrinsic value in need of repair. A group of skilled blacksmiths from the Artist Blacksmith Association NSW will be on hand volunteering their time to fix the presented items.

This day brings together the community to help out neighbours while combating some of the excesses of our consumer-culture by breathing life back into items of wort, thereby reducing waste. It also celebrates the importance of practical skills held by so many throughout our communities which are often hidden away in workplaces and when shared benefit all involved.

This s a family day full of learning and fun. See a display of forged ironwork, watch as the blacksmiths fix your broken item or just come for a chat.

What will be repaired?

The blacksmiths will repair iron objects of highly personal or intrinsic value. Items such as hand tools from the workshop, garden or farm tools, old kitchen wares, handles, brackets, latches. We will have forging and fabrication facilities so will be able to forge, weld, grind, rivet, bend/straighten, heat treat etc. We will not be able to take on large repairs as time will be restricted. Repairs are limited to two items per person (and will not be made to cars or modern tools).

Donations for repairs

We request a donation for the repair ($10-$50 depending on repair), and all money raised will be donated to a cause (to be announced).


Blacksmith Repair Day
Saturday June 16th 2018
9am – 4pm
Location: 664 Elderslie Rd Branxton 2335

More information to follow

As more information comes to hand we will update this page.