21 Louth Park Road
Maitland South, NSW 2320


Slow Food Hunter Valley Committee

 Amorelle Dempster (Convivium Leader)

Amorelle Dempster loves everything about food and that is why she has dedicated herself to the Slow Food philosophy of “good, clean and fair food for all”. A food activist, human rights activist, chef, small scale farmer, consummate gardener, wife, mother and (a very proud) grandmother. Amorelle is the leader of Slow Food Hunter Valley, the Australian Councillor for Slow Food International and recipient of the 2015 NSW Hidden Treasure Award. 


NIO Helen Hughes Slow Food Hunter ValleyHelen Hughes (Assistant Leader)

Helen has been involved in the hospitality industry for many years. She had many wonderful mentors who fuelled her passion for good food & service and this lead to her training role at Hunter TAFE. Over the last 25 years she has taught many front of house students and apprentice chefs who have gone on to make their mark in the industry. She has also been a regular attendee of the Symposia of Australian Gastronomy which bring together a dynamic community of local and international food scholars, designers, farmers, chefs, artisans and passionate eaters. 


Anne Kelly (Honorary Secretary)

Anne is a passionate educator who has worked in a number of schools in the Hunter Valley and overseas. She worked for a number of years as a quality control officer in a refractory plant before BHP departed Newcastle. She currently has an executive role working in the early years area of a large primary school. Anne co-manages the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program as the garden specialist at her school, which sees 130 children participating in the program each fortnight. 


Matt Kerr (Honorary Treasurer)

One of the things I value is fairness and unfortunately I witness too often the saturation of large national and multinational corporations that obliterate the smaller businesses that are trying to make a difference in their industry. This issue is all too real when it comes to food, which ignited my passion for growing food, understanding where my food comes from and the challenges associated with getting this food from the paddock to the plate – there are so many things that can go wrong on this journey. I feel many people don’t appreciate the efforts needed to create the food we eat, which is why I joined Slow Food in an effort to educate and promote the value of fairness in the food chain. During my day job I help people in small to medium businesses make the most of their lives, developing and implementing financial strategies that allow them to do the things they want in life whilst letting them focus on what is important to them and what they are good at.

Ruth Adams (Membership Development)

Ruth was born into a large extended farming family. Growing up on a property on the Northern Tablelands of NSW she developed a deep understanding – and working knowledge – of where much of our food comes from. This – together with a passion for learning and education in the areas of nutrition, hospitality, event management and food technology – made joining Slow Food a “perfect fit” for this now urban dweller who is vitally interested in the politics of food and in making a difference. 


Louise Woo (Communications Officer)

Louise manages social media and press relations for Slow Food Hunter Valley.  She lives in Newcastle and has a BSc in Eenvironmental Biology from the University of California at Berkeley and an MSc in Hospitality Management from the California Polytechnic University, Pomona.  In addition, she was a US journalist for ten years with papers including the Orange County Register, Oakland Tribune and Los Angeles Times.  Slow Food aims to increase public awareness about the global food system and environmental conservation. Send any Slow Food/community issue tips to us by messaging the Slow Food Hunter Valley Facebook page.

Other positions

The following people manage a range of events and projects:
Terra Madre Network: Lee Galloway
Earth Market: Amorelle Dempster
Events and Talking Dinners: Derice McDonald
Fresh Food in Remote Communities: Andrew Dempster
Community Food: Margaret Kavanagh
School Gardens: Anne Kelly (Anne also assists Ruth Adams with membership development)
Chef’s Network: Liz Love
Fundraising, Grants and Events: Matthew Kerr
Archives: Miriam Farrington

Maitland Slow Food Earth Market Alliance (Board)

The Maitland Slow Food Earth Market Maitland Alliance is made up of the following people:
Amorelle Dempster
Anne Kelly
Martin Payne (Maitland City Council)
Austin Breiner
Sarah Sivyer
Fran Holz

Maitland Slow Food Earth Market Management Group

The Maitland Slow Food Earth Market Management Group is made up of the following people:
Amorelle Dempster
Anne Kelly
Steve Aviaent
Matt Dennis
Kelly Eaton
Tom Christie
Martin Payne (Maitland City Council).