Cucumbers Galore

The broad variety of cucumbers grown by Austin Briener is almost on par with the range of pumpkins he grows. Austin was kind enough to provide the following information about the cucumbers he has grown over the years. Some of these will be available at the Earth Market throughout the 2018 seasons.

African Horned “Kiwano” “Jelly Melon” “Boer Cucumber” Africa

Banana-lime flavour


Pale burpless fruit. Will grow to almost 1m long. Best at 30 cm.

Beit Alpha

Medium, green. Salad or pickling.

Crystal Apple Yates 1930

Sweet, crunchy, white skin.

Crystal Salad

Blocky shape – mild flavour. Similar to crystal Apple


Long, green, sweet

Giant Russian

Acid-free, crisp and sweet, large. Stores for months.

Improved Telegraph

Dark green, long and thin.

Japanese Climbing

Fine flavoured, burpless. Eat fresh or pickled


Yellow skin. Sweet and crunchy.


Small, green, smooth

Lebanese Mini Muncher

Perfect for salads, pickling or with yoghurt for tzatziki


Apple type tangy fruit that never turns bitter (bitterness free).

Little Potato

Best gourmet cucumber (from Diggers). Zesty, burbles, lemon flesh.

Long White

Use in salads or pickled. Apple flavour.

Manning White

Long White selection. Origin NSW Central / North Coast

Market More

Dark green tapered ends.

Mini white America

One of the most popular in the US. Eat fresh or pickled

Mexican Sour Gherkin

Micro sized. Tastes both sweet and sour.

Muncher burpless

Tender, burpless, bitterness free, green

National pickling gherkin

Dark green, short, thick, blunt ends.

Painted serpent

Long, slender fruit with raised, dark green ridges.

Parisian Pickling “cornichons”

From 1890s. Eaten fresh or used for gherkins.

Richmond River Green Apple

Round, Apple variety. Selected from American seed in 1942. From American soldier at Casino railway station.


Yellow skin, thick flesh edible in mature fruit. Sweet And Striped. Sweetest cucumber up to 1 metre long

Ribbed and striped

Green Gem “Pionsett”

Long, slicing type.

Suyu Long

Sweet flavoured. Up to 30 cm long.