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Garlic Season!

Yes it’s here. Garlic season has arrived. Wooo hooo!  Garlic growers from Dungog, Butterwick, Pokolbin and Lorn will join together to celebrate the 2017 harvest with a dedicated Garlic Stall at the next Market. This is a chance to taste and purchase some of the different types of garlic grown locally. Early season garlic is often beautifully coloured. Enjoy the visual feast!

Harvest time provides Garlic lovers with the opportunity to enjoy Green Garlic for just a few short weeks before the crop is dried and cured for longer storage. Green Garlic is perhaps better described as Wet Garlic. It is fresh and milder in flavour and has a high water content. To use it in recipes, treat it like a leek. It imparts wonderful qualities to everything from stir fries, pesto and hummus, soups, curries, potato mashes – the list goes on. Roasted whole bulbs are amazing. Follow the usual recipe for roasting garlic but allow extra baking time because of the higher water content.