Grow Garlic – Learn How (21 Nov)

Aimed at educating and inspiring growers on any sized acreage to grow high-value Australian garlic using good, sustainable practices, this is the first of a series of six events. The events will include seminars, marketing and a garlic degustation lunch. These events have been created by experienced and passionate local garlic grower, Jocelyn Colleran and are facilitated by Slow Food Hunter Valley.
Event one is a day of education about growing garlic, to be held at Tocal Agricultural College on Wednesday 21 November 2018 at 9:30am.

The series – a complete cycle

Baked garlic

The versatility of garlic should never be underestimated.

Event 1: 21 Nov 2018. Learn about local conditions, planning to grow garlic, managing the crop, harvesting, curing and storing garlic. Of course, no plan is complete without understanding how to market your garlic.

Event 2:  Dec 6 2018. This event celebrates the garlic harvest at the Slow Food Hunter Valley Earth Markets.

Event 3 Jan 23 2019. Learn about garlic growing, the soil preparation and seeds.

Event 4 Feb 9 2019. Enjoy a garlic degustation lunch.

Event 5 Mar 27 2019. Garlic Growing: from planting to harvest.

Event 6 Aug 2019. Garlic growing: curing, storing and selling.


Download the brochure.