Slow Food Hunter Valley Articles

Maitland Mercury Mango operation at the Slow Food Earth Market in The Levee. Nine-hundred organic and biodynamic mangoes were no match for Maitland shoppers! (16/11/17)

Maitland Mercury Slow Food Earth Markets Maitland is back in The Levee on November 2 from 2-7pm (10/11/17)

Maitland Mercury Slow Food Hunter Valley Eat Local Challenge supporting local farmers. The Slow Food Eat Local Challenge saw cooks from across Maitland register for a mystery bag of vegetables to be collected at last week’s Slow Food Earth Market in The Levee. (23/10/17)

ABC’s Women’s Work. See how Amorelle Dempster and local farmers turned a field of muddy pumpkins into a slow food revolution (28/10/2017).

Maitland Mercury Romanesco Broccoli for sale at Slow Food Earth Markets Maitland. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie but don’t be fooled by this broccoli’s birthday suit. (13/9/17)

Maitland Mercury Slow Food Earth Markets Maitland to cook up a turmeric curry. Locally grown sebago potatoes and locally grown turmeric (yes right here in Maitland) will be a match made in heaven at the Slow Food Earth Markets this Thursday. (15/8/17)

Maitland Mercury Potato and beef curry at Maitland produce markets. The market started in 2016 after a push to give local farmers an avenue to sell direct to the public. (1/6/17)

Maitland Mercury Slow Food Hunter Valley will bring a pumpkin festival to Maitland Taste festival on March 11 and 12, It’s not the day of the triffids but it’s close. Farmers from all around are preparing to invade Maitland with pumpkins. (5/3/17)

Maitland Mercury Maitland summer produce market (later becoming Slow Food Earth Market Maitland) has again exploded with variety in a bid to meet the city’s growing demand for local, seasonal fruit and vegetable. (24/11/17)

Maitland Mercury Maitland produce market is back in the mall on Thursday. Seven farmers, and a few backyard growers, will have freshly picked produce to sell between 8am and 12 noon outside Millers in the Maitland mall. (26/6/16)

Maitland Mercury A weekly produce market to start in Maitland’s The Levee. Discussions with Maitland Council, support from high-profile local entities and a keen farming community give us hope that Maitland will have Australia’s first certified Slow Food Earth Market. (30/3/16)

Maitland Mercury Feeding the city’s hungry. A 400-kilogram glut of pumpkins was the catalyst for Maitland’s Slow Food  community to create nutritious, healthy food for the city’s hungry. (10/3/15)

Singleton Argus Slow Food Hunter Valley scholarship winner Tom Christie (Singleton Argus

Jenny Aitchison MP Slow Food Hunter Valley and Paralympian Maddison Elliott (Jenny Aitchison MP – Member for Maitland-

Maitland Mercury Riverlights Multicultural Festival This year the festival has partnered with Slow Food Hunter Valley to bring a host of interactive cooking demonstrations to next month’s event. (17/9/14)