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Menu For Change Competition

And the winners of our Menu for Change challenge are … Cecily Lenton, Nicole Murphy, Nicole Barber and Julia Howard!

Scores of people took up the challenge to “eat local” from the Slow Food Earth Markets, Maitland. They joined Slow Food Hunter Valley in the global campaign against climate change (by eating locally and eating seasonally)! For a $15 entry fee participants were given a mystery bag of really diverse “mixed goodies” from the market and challenged to create diverse and delicious meals with zero food waste at the end.

The criteria was to use the mystery bag to:
cook as many dishes as possible from the produce
demonstrate creativity and maximum use of the mystery bag of produce
describe each dish (on the forms provided) and take photos of each dish
post the photos on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #Slow Food Hunter Valley
use the hashtags #eatlocal, #menuforchange, #slowfoodhuntervalley, #earthmarketsmaitland
email a description and photo to slowfoodhuntervalley@gmail.com
and/or drop off a description and photo to Slow Food Hunter Valley stall at the Earth Market or to the Readers Cafe & Larder, East Maitland.

The four winners Cecily Lenton, Nicole Murphy, Nicole Barber and Julia Howard, rose to the challenge, showing off their creativity going beyond their usual repertoire. The winners (featured in the Maitland Mercury) will each receive a market hamper worth $50 each.

Our overall winner, Cecily Lenton, was chosen from those who demonstrated creativity and maximum use of the mystery bag. Featuring in the Maitland Mercury, and described on Jenny Marchant’s ABC radio program as a “locavore”, Cecily showed her passion for local food and, as a result, will have a meal for up to six people cooked in her home by Slow Food Hunter Valley members using local, seasonal produce.

Nicole Murphy, one of our finalists who won a $50 hamper.

Cecily Lenton, our overall winner who will receive a fully catered dinner for 6 in her home.

Cecily Lenton of Branxton cooked the following
A simple salsa with tomato, shallot, olives, olive oil, salt and pepper, and basil.
Roast pumpkin and kale salad with mint, leek and garlic.
The avocado from the mystery bag was served up for breakfast with scrambled free range eggs, balsamic tomatoes with chia seeds, toasted homemade bread, and freshly squeezed orange juice.
Roast chicken, asparagus from the garden, and from the mystery bag are grilled squash and oven baked potato crisps.
Red velvet muffins made with beetroots from the mystery bag.
A vegan pesto made with kale and garlic from the mystery bag, as well as almonds, oregano, salt, and olive oil.
Chicken and vegetable stir fry and includes the kholrabi, shallots and some of the herbs.
A smoothie which includes the beetroot leaves and mint.
Spaghetti Bolognese made with silverbeet stalks.
A tasty and simple frittata made with mostly ingredients from the bag and includes the eggs, potato, silverbeet leaves, shallots, herbs, and a bit of olive oil.
Roast beetroot and walnut dip served with homemade crackers. Ingredients from the bag are beetroot and mint for the dip, and the stoneground organic wholewheat flour and the rest of the olive oil for the crackers.
A vegan coleslaw with lemon in the dressing.
Pumpkin scones.
Nicole Barber of East Maitland cooked the following
Pumpkin and zucchini fritters
Pumpkin  (and almond and date) loaf
Polenta tart with roasted pumpkin, spinach, honey and pecans
Creamed kholrabi with spinach, lemon and cashews (like a milk saute)
Indian Saag with chicken
Lemony beetroot hummus
Julia Howard of East Maitland cooked the following
Sage oven potatoes with sour cream, crispy ham and spring onion
Kohlrabi cordon bleu with green salad
Beetroot and cream cheese quiche
Pumpkin soup with homemade clay-baked wholemeal pepita bread
Nicole Murphy of Gillieston Heights cooked the following
Summer squash,lemon and poppy seed loaf
Kale and banana muffins
Avocado, honey and lime glazed donuts
Beet Wellington with mushroom and silverbeet “pâté”
Kale and parmesan crackers
Spring lamb tagine with local honey and zucchini
Mashed potato, flavoured with leftover panch phoron seasoned olive oil and spring onion tops
Crispy potato skins with turmeric, panch phoron and curry leaves
Roasted zucchini and baby beetroot with mint, man’oushe and homemade labne
Warm salad of silverbeet stems, spring onion, green garlic and zucchini with toasted almond tahini dressing
Pesto of beetroot leaves, basil and pepitas
Basil and strawberry breakfast bruschetta with feta and balsamic
Crispy baked squash “steaks” with a lemon and sesame crumb
Warm salad of green garlic bulb and stems, baby leeks, foraged dandelion, parmesan and balsamic
“Carpaccio” of kohlrabi and apple with pecans and mint
Beet-hummus with crispy baked leaves of kohlrabi and beetroot
Baked silverbeet with cabbage, bacon and apple
Wholemeal date loaf
Pumpkin seeds with lemon and Persian spice
Crisps of pumpkin skin with olive oil and berbere
Pumpkin, cheese and gorgonzola omelette
Pumpkin ice cream with spicy honeyed seeds
Lemon and cardomom burfi
Silverbeet Keripik Bayam with sambal terasi mayo
Rainbow fusilli with pork, roasted fennel and sage
Potato salad with roasted garlic, sweet feta dressing and toasted almonds
Beverage: Frozen mint and Korean yuja mocktail.