Menu For Change – Eat Local

Our food system is one of the major causes of global warming!

But take heart, we aren’t asking you to stop eating. No, that would be a little silly wouldn’t it? What we are asking you to do is:
eat locally for three weeks (and then write to us and tell us about it)
implement a more varied and sustainable menu – even it it is just one meal a day (and then write to us and tell us about it)
and if you think this is important, support Slow Food – even a small donation makes a big difference.

Slow Food, across the globe, is running an international campaign to encourage people to eat LOCALLY, eat SEASONALLY and eat a wide VARIETY of food. Together our efforts can have a major impact on our climate, on the sustainability of our farming, on the biodiversity of our agriculture, and on our own food security.

If you think climate change is an abstract concept that is beyond your control, think again. Every single day we do things that have an adverse impact on the environment. So what if every one of us stopped doing just ONE of those things with almost no effort? Imagine the difference we can make.

For Slow Food this can be done by paying more attention to something very simple, something we make choices around every day, often without realising it … OUR FOOD!

From the paddock to the plate, food production is responsible for a fifth of total greenhouse gas emissions. It’s one of the major causes of global warming. The irony is that our food is also one of the primary victims of climate change. Drought, desertification, floods, major weather events, sea-level rise and ocean pollution put our food at risk across the world. Add to that the fact that Australia has the poorest soils in the world and a “menu for change” seems to make perfect sense.

But it is not all doom and gloom. The good news is that by changing our food habits, even a little bit, we can help solve the problem.

Menu for Change is the first international campaign that links climate change to the production and consumption of food, to promote the change we all need to make. Our Menu for Change campaign promotes the consumption of LOCAL, SEASONAL and VARIED food. So take up the challenge today by