Earth Market (1st and 3rd Thur)

Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples are once again on offer at the Slow Food Earth Markets, Maitland. The apples are unwaxed, freshly picked and have not been in cold storage. Join us  (12.30pm to late afternoon). Local apples from Tilse Apple Orchard will be available for $4.00 a kilo near the Slow Food stand (at the Post Office end of the Levee). Please support our local growers through the purchase of these wonderful, freshly picked apples. Click here for full details.

This Year’s Dates

Jan to December dates are published on this page. These are projected dates for 2019. Please check back regularly for any changes.

Market dates for 2019 are:
17 Jan
7 and 21 Feb
7 and 21 Mar
4 and 18 Apr
2 and 16 May
6 and 20 Jun
4 and 18 Jul
1 and 15 Aug
5 and 19 Sep
3 and 17 Oct
7 and 21 Nov
5 and 19 Dec
Bring along your oil bottles for refilling and your own bags to fill with beautiful good, clean and fair produce and, at the same time, support our wonderful local producers.

A few staples

Flour, bread, pastries, chickens (pasture-raised meat birds), eggs, honey.

Fruit and vegetables

Seasonal vegetables including watermelons, kale, kohl rabi, potatoes, beetroot, silverbeet, salad greens, onions, Asian greens, and warrigal greens,

Herbs and teas – fresh and dried

Fresh herbs, dried herbs, Asian herbs and locally produced artisan tea,

Maitland’s very own turmeric

Fresh turmeric (when in season) and dried turmeric (processed in Maitland).

From the bakery

Fosterton Farm biodynamic breads and pastries (sweet and savoury).

Chutneys and jams

Available intermittently.

 Some more details

Please be aware that the produce can vary from market to market, depending on what our local farmers have available.

To see full details of our markets, including maps, ongoing dates, what to expect and other details, please visit our Talking Markets page.