21 Louth Park Road
Maitland South, NSW 2320

Next Market (17 May)

IT’S PUMPKIN SEASON. Check out our Pumpkin World page before your come to Maitland’s very own paddock to plate Slow Food Earth Market. When? Thursday 17 May 2018 (2pm to 6pm). Held in The Levee (High Street, Maitland) on the first and third Thursday of every month. So come and support your local producers by buying fresh, seasonal produce.

Live sustainably

Bring along your oil bottles for refilling and your own bags to fill with beautiful good, clean and fair produce and, at the same time, support our wonderful local producers.

A few staples

Flour, bread, pastries, chickens (pasture-raised meat birds), eggs, honey.

Fruit and vegetables

Seasonal vegetables including watermelons, kale, kohl rabi, potatoes, beetroot, silverbeet, salad greens, onions, Asian greens, and warrigal greens,

Teas, herbs and spices – fresh and dried

Fresh herbs, dried herbs, turmeric spice (dried), peppermint tea, Asian herbs.

From the bakery

Fosterton Farm biodynamic breads and pastries (sweet and savoury).

 Some more details

Please be aware that the produce can vary from market to market, depending on what our local farmers have available.

To see full details of our markets, including maps, ongoing dates, what to expect and other details, please visit our Talking Markets page.