Earth Markets Pre-packed Boxes


Pre-purchase your pre-packed box of local produce and collect from Maitland’s Earth Markets. Boxes must be pre-purchased through Try Bookings (the cost is $35 per box). From our Home page, click the Read More link to navigate to the Earth Markets Pre-Packed Boxes page. From the Earth Markets Pre-Packed Boxes page, use the order now button on the right hand side to purchase your box of goodies.

Pick up:

After ordering online, boxes must be picked up between 3pm and 6pm at the eastern end of The Levee (post office end) next to the Slow Food Hunter Valley food.


You will be buying the freshest, healthiest produce in Maitland and supporting your local farmer at the same time!

Why buy from the Earth Markets? Your food has not travelled half way around the world. Your food has not been irradiated as it passed through quarantine. Your food has not been stored on shelves for several days or weeks. Your food has not been sprayed daily in an attempt to keep it fresh. Your food comes from local farmers!

Please note: the image shown here is an actual box but the contents will vary seasonally.