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Some of our stallholders

We are currently gathering information about our stallholders but some of them are very shy so be patient. Call back soon as our Stallholders page continues to grow.

Sarah Sivyer

Sarah Sivyer is a 5th generation farmer from Eccleston on the Allyn River.

Sarah Sivyer

Sarah has been working in food security and international agribusinesses all over the world. In 2016 Sarah left the corporate world to return to the family farm where she started the pasture raised egg business called Just Been Laid (JBL).

“I wanted to start something that would be complimentary to our existing beef business and really appeal to people who remember what eggs used to taste like. I am absolutely loving bringing people eggs from chooks that are living a lifestyle that makes them happy – in mobile caravans on fresh pasture. These eggs are also the freshest on the market.

We have deliberately focussed on flavour and freshness as this is what people have told us has been missing in recent years. We make sure that all of the eggs we sell are less than 72 hours old and if you’re buying at the Maitland Levee produce markets they are likely to have been laid that morning – hence our name – Just Been Laid !

At JBL, we also partner with Uprising, the amazingly delightful bakery in Maryville to make sure no egg goes to waste any day of the week.

If you’re still hesitating about buying some, come and say hi and grab a sample for free so you can really taste the difference” – Sarah Sivyer