Talking Farms (7 Sept)

See pasture-raised egg production (which is different to free range), visit one of the last independent dairy farms on the Upper Allyn, see beef cattle production in action and visit a bakery where the flour is milled on site. These are all part of our September 7 Talking Farms tour.

Pasture raised egg production on the Upper Allyn

Our day will start at East Maitland where you will be ushered onto our mini bus (coffee will be available from Bread and Water cafe if you come a little earlier). We’ll pass through East Gresford and head out to the Upper Allyn. We’ll spend the morning at two farms (which will include morning tea). We will have a lazy lunch by a babbling brook on one of the farms – near Grizzly Adams’ cabin (or at least that’s what it looks like).

After lunch we’ll head to a farm outside Dungog where we will have the afternoon to soak up some knowledge about beef cattle farming and also see a custom-built bakery in action (where responsible and ethical business practices are at the forefront of farming practices). Afternoon tea will served at our beef cattle and bakery farm (yes it is quite a combination).

Event Details

Date/Time: Saturday, 7 September (8.00am – 5.30pm-ish)
Venue: Three farms (via a mini bus tour)
Departing: Opposite the Old Maitland Gaol.
Cost: $75.00 Slow Food members / $80.00 non-members (members should check their financial status with our Membership Officer, Ruth Adams, on 0402 264 395 or email Ruth at
Bookings: Bookings will open soon on Try Bookings (date to be confirmed).

What to Expect

This is an important part of Slow Food’s work to connect us back to our food sources. The eggs we see are sold locally. The dairy farm we visit is milk you may well have purchased in the supermarket and the bakery sells (among other places) as Maitland’s Slow Food Earth Market. This is a long day but well-paced. Lunch and morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

What to Bring/Wear

Bring a hat. Wear sunscreen. Wear good walking boots that HAVE NOT been around chickens in the last two weeks (including chickens that are either domestically or commercially raised).

You WILL be asked to put your shoes into a liquid for bio-control.

Dietary Requirements

If you have any dietary requirements please call Liz Griffiths on 0401 425 903 to discuss your needs. We will do all we can to accommodate them.

Children Welcome

Children are welcome but each child must be accompanied by one adult at all times (one child to one adult please). Please be aware that tickets will be the same price for children and adults (this is because children will be issued their own seat).

Children over five are able to use the seat belts in the bus. For children under 5 years you must have a booster seat or capsule for the child. Please call Liz on 0401 425 903 to discuss your booster seat or capsule. We need to be sure your seat or capsule can be anchored in the bus using the existing seat belt arrangement.

For safety reasons we need to know that all children are secure during the tour and therefore ask that you do not have children seated on your lap during travel.