Preserving – Drying (16 Nov)

Join Liz Griffiths, co-owner of Within Radius, on a journey into the fine art of drying. Liz has been dehydrating food for over 20 years. In this workshop she’ll teach you how to prepare a range of different herbs for drying. You’ll learn what to – and what NOT to do – when drying herbs and you’ll understand why some herbs are better dried than others.

In this workshop Liz will also talk about drying fruit, making herbal infusions, and using a home oven for drying. You’ll also get to try Liz’s peppermint tea and turmeric medley tea from Within Radius.

Liz will also review some of the dehydrators that are on the market. As it turns out, not all dehydrators are born equal.

This workshop is part of our “Preserving Series” that runs from July to December 2019. Bookings can be made via Try Booking.

About the Series

Taking in salting, picking (vinegar), jam making (sugar), fermenting, drying and food labelling, this range of workshops is at the heart of Slow Food’s philosophy which includes reduced food waste and eating local produce. They will help you to understand how to extend the life of the produce that is right here at our doorstep. Preserving our local produce when it is in season (and when there is ample available) means we can have that food when it is out of season and without it having to travel half way around the world to get to our plate. Now that’s sustainability!

The Preserving Series covers five preserving options:
Salting in July – 2 hour workshop (Jul 8). Workshop completed.
Pickling in August (vinegar) – 3 hour workshop (Aug 7) Workshop completed.
Jam making in September (sugar) – (Sep 21).
Fermenting in October – 2 hour workshop (October 2nd).
Drying in November – (Nov 16). Bookings now open at Try Bookings.
Food labelling in December – 2 hour workshop (Dec 7). This workshop will cover the main food labelling laws in Australia to finish off the preserving series. Bookings to open soon.

Workshop Sizes

Workshops will be held at different venues and the number of participants will vary for each workshop (depending on the size of the venue).

Ticket Sales

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