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Earth Market (1st and 3rd Thur)

Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples are once again on offer at the Slow Food Earth Markets, Maitland. The apples are unwaxed, freshly picked and have not been in cold storage. Join us  (12.30pm to late afternoon). Local apples from Tilse...

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Talking Dinners (21 Aug)

Celebrating our local sustainable farmers Guest speaker Patrice Newell (author of Who's Minding the Farm?). Portrait of Patrice Newell Patrice Newell's recently released book Who’s Minding the Farm? has been described by Tim Flannery as "A heartwarming informative and engaging...

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The Preserving Series (Jul-Dec)

Known as the "Preserving Series" this range of workshops is at the heart of Slow Food's philosophy which includes reduced food waste and eating local produce. They will help you to understand how to extend the life of the produce...

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Talking Farms (7 Sept)

Our day-tour will take in three farms in the Upper Allyn/Dungog areas. You will see pasture-raised egg production (which is very different to free range). You will visit the last independent small-scale dairy farm on the Upper Allyn (this farm...

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Farmer’s Bowl at Coquun

The initiative: Coquun and Slow Food Hunter Valley are partnering to bring you the Farmer's Bowl meal this winter. Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month - immediately after the Slow Food Earth Market - Coquun will be offering...

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Bag It!

We want your spare (but clean) shopping bags. If you have amassed a collection of reusable shopping bags and just don't know what to do with them, we'd love to help you out - we'll take them. We use the...

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Join Us

Slow Food Hunter Valley is a group of volunteers who offer their time to support and run projects that raise awareness of the importance of eating seasonal and local produce, encourage food diversity, help distribute (and redistribute) food on a more equitable basis, keep our food clean and reduce food waste. Most of all, Slow Food Hunter Valley seeks to protect taste, flavour and biodiversity through local projects, campaigns, community engagement and educational programs.

We welcome new members, volunteers and friends who would like to join us. As a member of Slow Food Hunter Valley you will join a group of local volunteers at work and play. As a Slow Food member you will also be part of a large international, national and local network of committed individuals who are focussed on keeping our food clean, saving food cultures and working to maintain biodiversity. As a member of Slow Food Hunter Valley you will be asked to do as little or as much as you feel comfortable doing. You will meet people, have the opportunity to participate in projects, you will make a difference, and above all else you will have fun! See our Membership page.

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A Fast Read of Slow Food news

05 Jun

Chilli Drive

Do you have a glut of hot chillies? Are they so hot you think no one can eat them? Are you wondering...

07 Mar

Hunter Drought on Global Radar

As a devastating drought continues to impact Hunter Valley - and other NSW - farmers, Slow Food volunteers in the Hunter region...

31 Oct

ABC’s Women’s Work

On ABC' Women's Work, read about how Amorelle Dempster turned a field of muddy pumpkins into a slow food revolution.

02 Jul

Thanks To Warners Bay Community Garden

Our friends at Warners Bay Community Garden  Inc. volunteered to turn several boxes of donated aprons into bags that can be used...

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