21 Louth Park Road
Maitland South, NSW 2320

Achacha Food Rescue (16-18 Feb)

Our food rescue continues with Achacha available at the Maitland Show (in the agricultural area). We have 40 boxes of achacha fruit arriving from the tropical north as a food rescue project. While our local farmers struggle to grow their produce in a seemingly endless dry spell, our northern co-farmers are struggling to offload fruit locally. So we encourage you to come and enjoy a taste of the tropical north and buy some achacha fruit.

Brought down from Palm Creek Plantation, just south of Townsville, this will be the first time the Achacha will be available on a large scale in the Hunter and we are pleased to be promoting the diversity of this fruit.

Originally from Bolivia’s Amazon Basin, the delicious fruit is about the size of an egg, bright orange in colour with a unique flavour described as “sweet, tangy, refreshing – like a sorbet”. High in nutritional value, it is low in sugar (making it very popular with diabetics!). Its skin is readily used to make a tea which has become very popular with users. The farm has been chemical free for the last six years. Organic and biodynamic processes are used in growing the Achacha.

Since the first fruit became available in 2009, it has steadily gained popularity. However there are times when supply exceeds demand – and this season that is what has happened. The trees are laden with the best crop ever, as a result of long-term efforts to improve soil and growing conditions, and after three weeks of picking more fruit has been sold than was produced in each of the previous two seasons.

Bruce and Helen Hill, Slow Food Townsville, networked with Slow Food Hunter Valley to co-ordinate the food rescue.

Helen Hill, convenor of the Townsville Slow Food Group with her husband Bruce, networked with Amorelle Dempster through Slow Food, and as a result some of the excess fruit has found its way to Maitland.

This is the second round of networking through Slow Food for Helen and Amorelle. Last November, with mangoes going to waste, a pallet load was shipped to Maitland’s Earth Market in a highly successful operation. It is hoped that the discerning food aficionados of the Hunter will receive the achacha with the same spirit and enthusiasm as accompanied the mangoes!