9 Guide Lane
East Maitland 2323

What we do

At the heart of what we do is the underlying philosophy of “good, clean and fair food for all”.

We work towards this philosophy in three main ways:
through community engagement and education
by advocating for a fairer food system, better environmental practises by farmers and a greater awareness of our food sources
by encouraging biodiversity in our food system.
Throughout the year our work involves:
running projects
attending local events
working closely with local businesses, schools, colleges, and Council
raising awareness of the importance of local and seasonal produce
providing local small-scale producers with an outlet for their produce.

At the foundation of our work is the dedication and commitment of our volunteers, members, donors and sponsors. Through their time and generosity we are able to advocate for local farmers and growers, educate the local community on the importance of a fair and equitable food system, and encourage biodiversity in our food system.