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Pumpkin World

There is no greater example of biodiversity than the world of Austin Briener’s “pumpkin patch”. This year Austin purchased a box of seeds of all varieties and “farmed out” the growing to local farmers. Some pumpkin varieties will cross pollinate and if they are grown in close proximity so Austin has had to get creating about keeping his pumpkins (many of them heirloom varieties) true to type.

Here is just some of the information Austin has gathered over the years (many of these varieties Austin had grown at one time or another). Can you add to it? Do you have any experience with growing particular varieties of pumpkin? Contact us and share your information with everyone. We’d love to hear from you.

Anna Swartz (Maxima) Heirloom America

Rich sweet flesh (an early variety). Named after Anna Starts, this variety has an extremely hard shell, excellent storage qualities, high-quality yellow-orange flesh (similar in colour to sweet potatoes and with a similar flavour) and is best used in soups.

Atlantic Giant (Maxima) Canada

Not the best eating pumpkin.

Australian Butter (Maxima) Heirloom Australia

This is an outstanding Australian heirloom from Diggers Gardens Club near Melbourne Victoria. It has thick, dry, orange flesh, is excellent for baking/roasting, and has excellent storage qualities.

Baby Blue (Maxima) Australia

General purpose. Orange flesh.

Big Max (Maxima) America

Orange-yellow flesh.

Black Futsu (Moschata) Heirloom Japan

Exceptionally sweet flesh. This year Liz Griffiths and John Clarke have been given the job of “keeper of the black futsu”. Liz and John are growing this pumpkin for Austin on their turmeric patch (see photos below). We will have black futsu pumpkins at the markets as soon as they are ready. This variety starts in spring, grows through the summer months and is harvested in autumn. It starts out looking very much like a melon, develops into a deep, dark green (almost black) fruit with heavy ribbing, bumps and warts, then it develops hints of yellow, then takes on a rmouldy appearance and ends up a greyish colour.

The fruit starts out looking much like a melon with lightish ribbed areas.

The fruit darkens slowly over the next few weeks to a rich, dark green.

The fruit turns a pale orange colour and starts to get a mouldy look as the skin toughens.

For a wonderful detailed description of the Black Futusu’s unusual and fascinating growth cycle check out Garden Betty’s site.

Blue Ballet (Pepo) France

Flavoursome orange flesh. One of the best.

Bohemian (Maxima) Heirloom Australia

Dense orange flesh. Outstanding flavour.

Buttercup (Maxima) America

Rich, sweet, dense flesh. Tops in Diggers’ taste test.

Butternut (Moschata) Heirloom America

Waltham butternut

Soft yellow flesh. Great nutty flavour.

Canada Crookneck (Moschata) Heirloom Canada

Excellent roasted or mashed. Creamy textured with a sweet, nutty flavour. (Early).

Chirimen (Moschata) Heirloom 1922 Japan

Deep orange, moist, sweet flesh. Excellent flavour.

Cushaw White (Moschata) Native American)

Fine, sweet, dry, solid flesh. Ideal for baking or pies.

Delicate Min Sweet Bush (Pepo) America

Pale orange-yellow flesh. Best picked young.

Ford hook Acorn (Pepo) Heirloom America 

Similar to Table Queen.

Galeux d’eysines (Maxima) Heirloom France

Rich orange flesh. Use for soups, roasting and steaming.

Gem Squash  (Pepo) Africa

(Hybrid). Non-hybrid available.

Baby stage sweet taste. Mature fruit has a nutty flavour. (Early).

Golden Hubbard (Maxima) America

Sweet, dry, orange flesh

Golden Nugget (Maxima) America

Fine textured light orange flesh

Hubbard Squash (Maxima) America

Thick dry flesh. General purpose – especially pies.(early).

Hunter Gem (Moschata) Hunter Valley Australia (developed by Austin Breiner of Maitland).

Excellent and very versatile eating pumpkin with deep orange flesh.

Small, round pumpkin. Smooth skin. Brings together the best of Jap and Butternut pumpkins. Bake whole (stuffed with mince or rice dish). Cut and bake, roast or mash.

Hunter River Gramma (Heirloom Moschata) Hunter Valley Australia.

On its own for “gramma pies”.

Iron Bark. (Maximo) Australia

Thick skinned. Good keeper. Sweet, dense, bright orange flesh. Best baked. Dry.

Jack O’Lantern (Pepo) America

Pale orange flesh. Good cooking. Stores well.

Jarrahdale (Maxima) West Australia

Deep orange flesh

Kauai (Pepo) America 

Grown for seeds. Roasted or eaten raw.

Kent (previously Jap) (Moschata) America

Good general purpose pumpkin.

Kurri Blue (Tokyo squash) (Maxima) Japan

Thick orange yellow flesh. Very sweet.

Kurri Red (Baby Red Hubbard) (Maxima) Japan

Good for mashing and pies

Marina Di Chioggia (Maxima) Heirloom Italy

Sweet dry flesh.

Mosque de Provence (Moschata) France

Deep orange flesh. Moderately sweet.

Lakota (Heirloom) (Maxima) America

Native American pumpkin that pre-dates the Sioux Indians.

Long Island Chhese. (Moschata) Heirloom 1824 America 

Sweet, deep orange flesh.

Monkey’s Bum (Maxima) Australia

Deep, orange flesh. Very dry.

Munchkin (Pepo) America

Sweet thick light orange flesh. Best baked.

Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck (Moschata). America

Extremely sweet flesh.

Pike’s Peak (see Sibley)

Pimply Squash – flat (Moschata) Heirloom Australia

Tasty dry orange flesh.

Pimply Squash – long (Moschata) Heirloom Australia

Tasty dry orange flesh

Pink Banana Jumbo (Maximav) Heirloom America

Sweet dry flesh (early)

Potmarrow (Peto) Heirloom. France

Rich chestnut flavour. Edible skin.

Red Warty Thing – Victor. (Maxima) Heirloom America

Orange flesh.

Rouse vif O’Etampes (Maxima) Heirloom France


Sibley – also known as Pike’s Peak. (Maxima) Heirloom America 1837

Sweet orange flesh.

Silver Edged (Mixta) Heirloom Native American. 

Grown for seeds which are roasted, salted and sold as pepitas.

Small Sugar Pumpkin (Pepo) America

“New England Pie”. Sweet, thick, yellow flesh. “The best pie pumpkin”.

Spaghetti Squash (Pepo) America

Shredded flesh. Boiled or roasted.

Strawberry Crown (Maxima) Heirloom Brazil

Best baked, roasted or in soups. Strong, rich flavour.

Stygian Hull-less “Pepita” (Pepo) America

Seed eating. Fresh or dried or roasted.

Table Queen “Acorn” (Pepo) America

Thick dry orange flesh. Ideal for baking.

Triamble (Maxima) Heirloom Australia / New Zealand Heirloom

Deep orange fruit. Sweet, firm and dry.

Trombonchino (Moschata) Italy

Harvest as a zucchini or a butternut flavoured mature fruit (early)

Trombone Gramma (Moschata) Heirloom America

Ideal for mashing, pies, scones, soup. Sweet moist flesh.

Turkish Turban (Maxima) England 1845


Wee B Little (Pepo) America

Roast whole or stuff.

Winter Luxury (Pepo) 1893 America 

“Livingston pie”.

Ideal for baking, roasting, pancakes. Thick, sweet, pale orange flesh.

Wrinkled Butternut (Moschata) America 

Rich dense flesh, ideal for soups and baking.