21 Louth Park Road
Maitland South, NSW 2320



In 2018 our meetings will alternate with one month being a general meeting and the next month being a committee-only meeting.

General meetings are open to members, friends, potential members and interested parties. General meetings are also featured on our Home page under “Where to see us next”.

If you want to know what Slow Food is all about, please feel free to attend a general meeting.

Scheduled general meetings 2018
March 6
May 1
July 3
September 4
November 6

See below for date, time and location

See below for date, time and location

Scheduled executive-only meetings 2018
April 3
June 5
August 7
October 2

See below for date, time and location.

Date, time and location of general meetings

We endeavour to hold our monthly meetings at 6pm on the first Tuesday of the month at Reader’s Cafe and Larder (3 Garnett Rd, East Maitland NSW 2323). Reader’s Cafe and Larder is in the SAME building as the East Maitland Library. There is plenty of parking at 6pm when the meetings begin.

What to expect

Our general meetings run during what we consider to be most people’s dinner time. For this reason we have a 6pm start and enjoy a meal together before the meeting begins.

To help with catering, we ask for a $10 donation if you would like to have dinner and ask that you let us know you will be attending (call Amorelle Dempster – see the Contact Us page).

Similarly, if you are a regular attendee and will not be able to make a meeting, it helps if you can let us know.