Earth Market Project

TThe Earth Market Maitland is a farmers’ market that has been established according to the Slow Food philosophy of Good Clean and Fair Food for all. 

The Earth market Maitland is a place where local farmers and producers offer a range of healthy, quality food at a fair price directly to consumers. In addition, they preserve the food culture of the local community and contribute to defending biodiversity.

A key requirement is for all farmers and producers to attend the market and to only sell food that they have grown or produced themselves. This way they are available for customers to speak directly with the person who is growing their food and to share a wealth of information and advice. Slow food coined the phrase co-producer to emphasise the inter-connectedness of everyone in the community to ensure the following:

Good: fresh and seasonal, healthy, tasty and able to stimulate and satisfy the senses.

Clean: environmentally sustainable cultivation and production processes, no GM crops, local.

Fair: accessible prices for consumers and fair compensation and conditions for producers.

Producers must demonstrate their suitability before they are permitted to sell at Earth Markets. The focus is on small-scale farmers and artisan producers, providing them with an important opportunity in which they do not have to compete with large distribution chains. Small-scale production is also favoured as it often produces high-quality results. Producers are asked to charge a fair price for their work and pledge fair treatment of their employees.

The Slow Food Earth Market Maitland operates twice monthly on the 1st & 3rd Thursday and commences at 8.30am. The market is located in The Levee in Central Maitland. At the Earth Market you will find a wide range of fresh vegetables, preserves, meat, honey, sweets, bread and oil.All produce meets specific quality criteria, reflecting the Slow Food principles of good, clean, and fair.