About us

Welcome to Slow Food Hunter Valley. Our work in the community is about making sure that everyone has access to good, clean and fair food.

Slow Food – founded in 1986 as an association of gastronomists – has always been characterised by an interest in local territories and cultures, and by the desire to spread food culture and the right to the pleasure of taste. Thanks to this approach, Slow Food was soon highlighting the effects of globalisation on food, in terms of variety, quality and taste.
Attention shifted from the table to the products themselves and the farmers and producers – an important turning point that allows for a better understanding of the importance and urgency to safeguard biodiversity, and to promote and support the work of those who make this a reality.

Slow Food Hunter Valley is one of the slow food volunteer groups in Australia. All working locally in their communities to make a difference to the local food system.

Our projects are all aimed at supporting small scale producers of local food biodiversity and sustainable agricultural production and consumption. We are connecting consumers to local fresh food & providing food education through projects, events and campaigns.

Support for small-scale farmers

In the Hunter Valley, our members, friends and volunteers participate in all our projects, events and campaigns that address the issues in the food system. Our emphasis on support for small farmers enabled us to come to the aid of the local farmer whose pumpkin crop had been rejected for sale by setting up an initial “pumpkin pop up “stall in The Levee in central Maitland. What was initially an issue with food waste at the farm gate, has become a regular produce stall to connect consumers with their food and their farmers. Further this renewal in farming activity has led to a significant increase in the number of local varieties of food being grown, other small scale farmers building capacity to satisfy the local demand for fresh, seasonal food.

Connecting Consumers with local produce & small scale farmers

Project: Slow Food Earth Market

Project leader: Amorelle Dempster

Connecting Chefs with local produce and Farmers

Project: Chef’s network

Project leader: Liz Love

Support for the food communities in the Hunter Valley

Project: Hunter Valley Terra Madre Network

Project leader: Lee Galloway

Food education for consumers and children

Project: Narrative Label

Project leader: Di Enks

Project: Telarah Public School

Project leader: Anne Kelly

Providing access & education to biodiverse & fresh food in gardens

 Project: Growing food in three remote communities in Central Australia

Project leader: Andrew Dempster

Project: 10,000 gardens in Africa

Project leader: Mark Brown

Project: Biodiversity in community and school gardens

Project leader: Anne Kelly

Converting excess and waste food from farms to nutritious meals for the hungry

Project: Feeding the community

Project leader: Margaret Kavanagh

Food waste

Protecting foods in the Hunter Valley at risk of extinction

Project: Ark of Taste

Project leader: Andrew Dempster

Events and campaigns

Event: National Conference 2017

Organiser: Ian Clarke

Event organiser: Talking dinners

Event organiser: Derice McDonald

Event: Talking Gardens

Event organiser: Liz Griffiths

Event: Talking Markets: